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Sherborne Malham Lift & Rise Care Recliner Chair
  • Sherborne Malham Lift & Rise Care Recliner Chair

    Part of the wonderfully comfortable and supportive Malham ‘Lift & Tilt’ care recliner collection by Sherborne Upholstery, combining an easy to use power action with TouchStop safety technology, inviting three- tier cushion high-back, classic knuckle arm design, supportive ‘chaise’ seating and a range of quality features and beautiful fully hand-tailored leather covers to create a great choice for both contemporary and more traditional homes alike.

    • Product Sizes

      Royale    h108.5cm /42.5"     w83.0cm /32.5"     d93.0cm /36.5"

      Standard    h106.0cm /41.5"     w77.0cm /30.5"     d91.5cm /36.0"

      Small    h103.5cm /40.5"     w74.5cm /29.5"     d88.5cm /35.0"

      Petite    h101.0cm /40.0"     w74.5cm /29.5"     d84.5cm /33.5"


      Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

    • Range Features & Finishes


      • Wonderful updated classic design
      • Comfortable and inviting three- tier cushion high-back
      • Classic arm design with wooden knuckle
      • Fully handcrafted in the UK
      • Easy to use ‘Lift & Tilt’ action
      • Superior electric-drive motors
      • TouchStop safety technology
      • Backlit handset
      • Side pocket
      • Supportive ‘chaise’ seating





      • Wide choice of beautiful leather covers – please see in-store for details
      • Choice of Dark Beech or Light Oak knuckle finishes


    • Delivery Information

    • Additional Product Information

      SINGLE and DUAL motor options

      The Single Motor and Dual Motor actions both lift and tilt the Recliner forwards so that getting in and out is the easiest thing imaginable. This full powerlift facility is designed to assist sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions.

      The smooth and easy Single Motor action enables the footrest to be fully raised before the back starts reclining. It also allows the sleeping position to be reached (less reclined than on Dual Motor designs) from a starting position 20cm (8″) from the wall.

      The sophisticated Dual Motor mechanism enables you to control the backrest and footrest independently to reach the exact position you want including a near-horizontal full sleeping position (needs a 38cm (15″) gap from the wall).

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